Come, rest awhile

Come, rest awhile, and let us idly stray

In glimmering valleys, cool and far away.


Come from the greedy mart, the troubled street,GirlReadLake

And listen to the music, faint and sweet,


That echoes ever to a listening ear,

Unheard by those who will not pause to hear­ 


The wayward chimes of memory’s pensive bells,

Wind-blown o’er misty hills and curtained dells.


One step aside and dewy buds unclose

The sweetness of the violet and the rose;


Song and romance still linger in the green,GirlSleepNature

Emblossomed ways by you so seldom seen,


And near at hand, would you but see them, lie

All lovely things beloved in days gone by.


You have forgotten what it is to smile

In your too busy life­come, rest awhile.


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