The protestant’s dilemma

Since Christ established a visible Church in the first century and gave it rightful authority, the burden of proof falls on Protestants to demonstrate that he revoked this authority universally from the Church at some point in time. What event can they point to that caused Christ to take away his authority, and which Church… Continue reading The protestant’s dilemma

Månadsrapport Mars 2017

Antal lästa böcker: 10 Jane Austen: The Watsons Teresa av Avila: The interior castle G.K. Chesterton: Orthodoxy Magda Eggens: Vad mina ögon har sett C.S. Lewis: Min morbror trollkarlen H.P. Lovecraft: The call of Cthulhu Stephenie Meyer: Kemisten L.M. Montgomery: The story girl och The golden road Devin Rose: The protestants dilemma Tegelsten (>500 s):… Continue reading Månadsrapport Mars 2017